Environmental Research

This category is particularly important for organisations and industries focused on improving our environment, well-being, and our economy. This includes finding new ways to reduce our environmental impacts, while enhancing our food production. We have designed facilities for research into plants, animals, insects, fish, agricultural systems, food production, marine and fresh water environments, along with the systems that support or interact with the natural environment.

The types of environmental research laboratories we have experience with include:

  • General Testing and Research

  • Supercritical and Bio-chemical Extraction Laboratories

  • Analytical Instrumentation Support Facilities.

  • Inoculum Laboratories

  • Spectroscopy Laboratories

  • Physical Containment Laboratories – PC2 and PC3

  • Disease Diagnostics and Disease Resistance Laboratories

  • Seeds and Plant Laboratories

  • Invertebrates and Parasitology Laboratories

  • Palaeontology Collection Facilities

  • Glass houses, Including Containment Glass Houses

  • Marine and Fresh Water Facilities

To discuss your project, or for more information on any of the examples and case studies, please contact us direct.

Case Studies

Plant Research Laboratories

Plant & Food Research
Mt Albert - Auckland

Wildbase & Administration Building

Massey University -
Palmerston North

Nelson Research Centre

Plant & Food Research / Port Nelson

Coastal Ecology

Victoria University of Wellington