Consultation Services

Navigating the regulatory requirements for a scientific facility can be time consuming and difficult.

The team at Lab-works Architecture have developed an extensive knowledge base in specific areas to navigate you through compliance and make the right decisions on behalf of your organisation.

Universal Design and Accessibility

Universal Design is about providing environments that enable people of all ages, sizes, abilities and disabilities to use buildings to the greatest extent possible. While this is an inherent part of our service, so that these features are integral to the design from the very start, our team of experts can also provide specialist advice. This includes:

  • Assessment of existing buildings, to identify how upgrades and alterations can incorporate the principals of Universal Design.

  • Peer review of designs and documentation for compliance with the Building Act and the Building Code.

  • Advice on meeting the requirements of New Zealand’s Building Act sections 112-120.

  • Adapting facilities and laboratories for people with specific disabilities.

Our reports are accepted by Territorial and Regulatory Authorities throughout New Zealand as an expert opinion.


Building Legislation and Statutory Compliance

Lab-works Architecture can provide you with an expert opinion on building legislation and building standards. We advise and report on what is required for new and existing buildings to comply with current Building Code and Building Act requirements.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing the design and documentation for compliance with the Building Act and the Building Code.

  • Auditing of existing facilities to identify what aspects do not comply with current codes or standards, and what is required in order for them to comply.

  • Advice on how Schedule 1 of the Building Act might apply, for work that is exempt from requiring a Building Consent.

  • Advice regarding the implications of changes to the Building Act and Building Code.

  • Reports and expert opinion in mediation and legal proceedings over interpretation of building legislation.

Coastal Ecology Lab Interior

Resource Consents

In the world of science there are often a number of complicating factors for building projects.

This is especially so where the Resource Management Act, local District Plans, the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act, and a host of other Standards, all need to be considered in tandem. Often detailed calculations are required to show the Territorial Authority how a new facility will comply with the relevant requirements.

We have considerable experience in collating the information required, often in collaboration with relevant experts, in order to obtain the consents needed to allow the project to proceed.