Process and Production

Proof of concept and ramping up from bench-scale work is required in the process of taking your research from the laboratory to production. These facilities require a different focus, and integration with other laboratories, so that testing, verification, and quality control can be undertaken to the standards required. Understanding these inter-related aspects, as well as the production environment required, is key for an efficient and productive facility. We have direct experience in a wide range of process and production environments, working with a variety of stakeholders to create world class facilities that meet the stringent quality control standards required.

The types of process and production testing laboratories we have experience with are:

  • Pilot Plants for Chemical Processes

  • Carbohydrate and Bio-Chemical Manufacture

  • Fermenter Halls

  • Tuberculin Production Facilities

  • Biopharmaceutical Facilities

  • GMP Rated Facilities

  • Pharmaceutical Trials Laboratories

  • 3D Printing and CnC Component Production

The work carried out in the majority of these facilities is commercially sensitive and we respect our clients’ confidentiality. Therefore we are not able to share all of the case studies for the facilities in our portfolio.

To discuss your project, or for more information on any of the examples, please contact us direct.

Case Studies