Architectural Services

Science facilities are a labyrinth of structure, systems, technology and services. They require precision in design and specification, well beyond the standards of a typical commercial or education building.

The architectural services offered by Lab-works are the result of over two decades of working solely on this project type. You can rely on our systems and best practice to deliver a fit-for-purpose, energy efficient facility that will raise the standard of scientific work and the teaching of sciences.

Science specific systems

We provide a complete architectural service – from initial briefing, detailed analysis, problem solving and design, to full documentation, tendering, and contract management. However, what differentiates a successful science project is a thorough project brief.

We have refined a proven process for science-specific project briefing. Starting with an understanding of your strategic goals, our team combines detailed user interviews, data collection, and analysis, to distill all of the information into a co-ordinated functional design brief. This becomes the foundation of the project and informs the design and documentation process throughout.

We then use a range of tools to communicate the design ideas, typically using a combination of sketches, plans, elevations, 3-D views, and virtual reality systems.


Choosing your consultant team

Well-designed HVAC, electrical, lighting and IT services are crucial to the successful, safe and efficient operation of science facilities. We have a network of consultants ­who are specialists in laboratory design in their own right. We help you select your consultants, which can include structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or process engineers, and quantity surveyors.

Strong relationships throughout

Successful architecture and construction projects rely on positive, collaborative relationships and excellent communication, especially when working with a large, complex team of stakeholders, consultants, and contractors. Our inclusive approach and systemised processes result in better outcomes and successful long-term partnerships.


Quality, cost-conscious architecture

Lab-works Architecture has always believed in achieving the right balance between design, construction and cost. We manage these constraints carefully, because projects are only successful when they meet all aspects of the brief. Getting this right requires the right application of our professional experience, an excellent team of consultants and contractors, and our detailed knowledge of constructing scientific facilities.

Best practice

Our programme of research and continuing professional development keeps us up-to-date with the latest architectural knowledge and technology. This includes visiting scientific facilities globally so we benchmark our work to international best practice for all fields of science practised in New Zealand.

As practice members of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA), you are assured of the latest contracts and templates together with thorough building consent and tender documentation, so that your project runs professionally and as smoothly as possible.