Laboratory Wins Colour Award

Victoria University of Wellington

The recently completed Teaching and Research Laboratories within the Alan MacDiarmid Building, for Victoria University, are proof that laboratory spaces do not need to be bland and boring.

This has been recognised in the Resene Total Colour Awards, announced in August 2011.

As the specialist laboratory architects working within the overall building, our focus wasn't just on the functional and technical aspects of the laboratory spaces, but extends to a holistic overview that creates an interesting and pleasant environment that people want to work in.

The design philosophy is for the laboratory spaces to be visible from other areas and to be open to each other for the sharing of information and learning. The colour scheme provides both a vibrant environment, and visually indicates various laboratory zones, whilst still providing a cohesive, and crisp aesthetic when viewed together.

From a background palette of neutral tones, four accent colours were used as a co-ordinating feature through flooring, joinery and walls. The effect brings an excitement that contradicts the more stereotypical lab spaces of the past.