Animal Food Nutrition Laboratory Underway

Animal Food Nutrition Laboratory Fitout
Massey University
Turitea Campus
Palmerston North

Construction has begun on another stage within the ongoing redevelopment of the Ag/Hort complex at Massey University.  This stage is the renovation of the Animal Food Nutrition Laboratory from the Institute of Food Nutrition and Human Health. 

Affectionately known as Food Nut, this laboratory is currently housed within a number of small interconnecting rooms and is now in the process of being relocated into a new open-plan modern laboratory, on level 2 of Ag/Hort A.

The space that the laboratory is being moved into incorporates a first floor glasshouse, which is to be demolished and replaced with the addition of a new coloured glazed façade.  The new laboratory will incorporate a flexible open-plan analytical and testing lab space around the outside walls, with central rooms for specific uses such as wash-up, balances, storage, dark and noisy processing rooms.

Consideration has been given to vision from the write-up area through to the laboratory and within the laboratory itself. Mobile benching allows for access to the rear of analytical equipment for servicing and maintenance without the need for dismantling or disconnection, while built-in joinery is designed to maximise storage space and access.

Work is progressing well on site with Mainzeal employed as the main contractors.  Completion is due early 2013.